Colin McCourt – President
(IRB1, IRB2, Boksmart, First Aid Level 1, Boksmart Trainer Certified, IRB2 Referee, Referee Performance Reviewer on provincial panel for SARU)
Mobile: ZERO EIGHT TWO 447 5556
Email: president(at)waspsrugbyclub.co.za

Coach Johann – Chairman
(IRB1, Boksmart, First Aid Level 1 Certified, Level 1 Introduction to Match Officiating)
Mobile: ZERO EIGHT TWO 555 5897
Email: chairperson(at)waspsrugbyclub.co.za

Coach Lance – Vice Chairperson
(IRB2, Boksmart, Level 1 Introduction to Match Officiating)
Mobile:  ZERO SIX ZERO 997 3250
Email: vicechair(at)waspsrugbyclub.co.za

Coach Chez – Club Head Coach
(IRB1, Boksmart)
Mobile: ZERO SEVEN EIGHT 767 9571
Email: clubheadcoach(at)waspsrugbyclub.co.za

Coach Neil – Treasurer
(IRB1, Boksmart Certified)
Mobile: ZERO EIGHT THREE 212 2644
Email: treasurer(at)waspsrugbyclub.co.za

Kim Marais - Operations Manager
Mobile: ZERO SEVEN SIX 018 7141
Email: operations(at)waspsrugbyclub.co.za

Brian Walker – Marketing Manager
Mobile: ZERO EIGHT TWO 601 3194
Email: marketing(at)waspsrugbyclub.co.za

Anneke Kirk – Club Manager
Mobile: ZERO SEVEN NINE 871 3548
Email: clubmanager(at)waspsrugbyclub.co.za

Coach Robert – Club Captain
Mobile: ZERO EIGHT THREE 265 9983
Email: clubcaptain(at)waspsrugbyclub.co.za

A good coach should not be measured on games won, but instead be measured on how every player in their team has developed through the season.